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Best time to visit Maldives


Exploring a tropical paradise on a kayak is one of the most enjoyable activities

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The deep blue ocean waters surrounding the Maldives are a captivating magnet to the region. Spending your day kayaking and swimming around the islands is really the best way to enjoy this stunning environment. Most hotels and tourist centres have small boats and double-bladed oars available for rent. These kayaks sit quite low on the water, so you won't be bothered by ocean waves too much. If you plan on taking a long kayaking adventure, it's better to hire a local guide.

Kayaking doesn't cost much and many rental companies offer the first couple of hours for free. It's definitely worth trying since the experience of paddling on a kayak in the middle of blue ocean waters is both safe and thrilling. The best time to enjoy the sport is from April to October, when the waters are calm and the weather is not too hot.

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