Best time to visit Albania

Kayaking in Albania

With a wide sea gateway, multiple lakes and rough rivers, Albania is a kayaking paradise

Best time: March–November


Albania offers different types of kayaking—sea kayaking, lake kayaking, and also river kayaking (rafting). The best area to enjoy this activity must be the Ionian sea. The scenic sea route overlooks limestone cliffs, hidden bays, white gravel beaches, various caves, olive groves, and mountains. Lake kayaking is available on request in such lakes as Shkopet, Shkodra, Vau Dejes, Koman, and others. Kayakers preferring rough rivers may check out the rivers of Drin, Seman, Vjosa, and Mat.

The prime season for kayaking runs from April to November. If you'd like to go on a tour, most of them depart from Tirana, Berat, Sarandë, and Ksamil. Often the tours combine kayaking experience with rafting and hiking to explore the country to its fullest. It could be either a one- or multiple-day trip.

Practical info

What is the best time to visit Albania for kayaking?

Kayaking in Albania is ideal from March to November, with the peak season lasting from April to November. The summer offers beautiful, warm weather, while kayaking during the fall lets you experience the chillier weather and the changing colors of the leaves. It's recommended to plan your trip accordingly, as Albania offers an unforgettable kayaking experience at any time. Show more

Where is the best area to go kayaking in Albania?

The Ionian Sea boasts the best kayaking experience that Albania has to offer, with limestone cliffs, hidden bays, white gravel beaches, and various caves. You can also opt for lake kayaking in Shkopet, Shkodra, Vau Dejes, Koman, and other lakes, or rough river kayaking down the Drin, Seman, Vjosa, and Mat rivers. Albania has something for every kayaker's preference. Show more

What types of kayaking are available in Albania?

Albania offers different types of kayaking, including sea kayaking, lake kayaking, and river kayaking (rafting). Sea kayaking in the Ionian Sea is the most popular, while lake kayaking and rough river kayaking in the Drin, Seman, Vjosa, and Mat rivers are also spectacular. Tour organizers often combine kayaking with hiking and rafting to enable visitors to experience more of Albania's beauty. Show more

When do most kayaking tours depart from Albania?

Organized kayaking tours typically depart from Tirana, Berat, Sarandë, and Ksamil from April to November. Tour duration ranges from one day to multiple days depending on the organizer. It's best to make advance bookings to avoid rush and get better pricing, and to visit the website of the tour operator for detailed tour itineraries and package information. Show more

Can I combine kayaking with other activities in Albania such as rafting and hiking?

Definitely. Many organizers combine kayaking with other activities such as rafting and hiking, providing visitors with a comprehensive exploration of Albania's breath-taking mountains and challenging rapids. Albania is a go-to destination for all water activity enthusiasts as it offers the most scenic and adventurous kayaking experiences that can be combined with other land-based activities. Show more

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