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A perfect way to relax, unite with nature, and observe the wildlife of Goa

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Kayaking in Goa means uniting with the beauty of its fauna and flora, watching birds, fishing, and observing the simple traditional life of local people. Beautiful sights, mangroves, birds, water life, and traditional houses await you during your trip. The most scenic and safe rivers are the Zuari, the Mandovi, the Sal backwaters, and the Nerul river.

The back­waters of Goa provide some stunning views and are perfect for photography. Its hinterlands are also incredibly authentic and unchanged. The worst time for most people is the rainy season, but some adrenaline seekers find it more exciting. Anyways, the sea and water escapes of Goa offer a great opportunity for kayaking. Morning expeditions are popular, as well as romantic sunset floats.

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