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Kayaking in Malta

Kayaking is a new way to discover Gozo and Comino

Best time: May–November


There's no better way to explore the Maltese islands than kayaking tours. They fit both experts and beginners in the company of professional instructors. You'll discover many secret coves, caves, and bays along the northern coast accessible only by water. The orange sand beaches of Ramla Bay and San Blas and popular spots like the Blue Lagoon and the Azure Window, which was ruined by the storm, await you and your fellow sea kayakers.

You'll have the chance to visit one of the iconic watchtowers of the Knights of Saint John and explore Gozo's history with fantastic views of the coastline from the sea. It is especially unforgettable visiting Calypso's Cave where Homer's beautiful mythical nymph held Odysseus as her "love captive" for several years. And of course, you can see the amazing Ġgantija temples in Xagħra, which are even older than the Egyptian pyramids! You bring equipment for diving or snorkelling to explore reefs and rocky underwater caverns and see amazing fish species.

The best time for kayaking at Gozo and Comino is from May until November, but even in winter calm sunny days can make for excellent conditions to go paddling.

Practical info

When is the recommended period to kayak in Malta?

To enjoy kayaking around Gozo and Comino islands in Malta, it's advised to visit between May and November. Although kayaking is also possible during the winter months, it requires appropriate gear and calm sunny weather. It's vital to note that summer months bring hot temperatures and more extensive crowds, complicating kayaking conditions. Show more

What are some great kayaking spots to visit in Malta?

In Malta, there are many fantastic locations for kayaking enthusiasts to explore. Along the northern coast of the island, the Orange sand beaches of Ramla Bay and San Blas are the most popular and reachable through concealed coves and caves. Additionally, the Blue Lagoon and the legendary Azure Window can be explored, although the latter was destroyed by a storm. Kayakers must visit Calypso's Cave and the Ġgantija temples in Xagħra. Show more

What's the required experience level for kayaking in Malta?

In Malta, kayaking tours are ideal for both novices and experienced kayakers. Inexperienced kayakers thrive with professional tutors who help familiarize them with kayaking's nuances before embarking on their adventure. Both basic swimming skills and physical stamina are beneficial as kayakers will vigorously paddle for long distances. It's critical to note that robust wind conditions can occur, making rough sea conditions challenging to navigate. Show more

What are some notable attractions to view while kayaking in Malta?

Kayaking around Malta's coastline provides an unrivaled experience. Paddling into the many concealed caves and coves that characterize Malta's shoreline provides an up-close look at stunning rock formations and marine life. Ascend to the watchtowers of the Knights of Saint John for a superb view of the shoreline. Additionally, kayakers will have access to legendary sites such as Calypso's Cave that are off-limits to tourists. Kayakers are sure to be amazed by the vibrant marine life and caverns that can be explored with snorkeling and diving equipment. Show more

Should one bring their kayaking gear to Malta, or can one rent equipment?

There's no need to bring kayak gear when visiting Malta as it is widely available for both novices and experienced kayakers. Rental equipment is also included in some package tours, such as paddles, kayaks, and safety gear. However, if you're looking for an unguided experience and want to explore Malta's kayaking spots at your own pace, it's recommended to bring or hire equipment from off-hours operators independently. Show more

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