Best time to visit Malta


Kayaking is a new way to discover Gozo and Comino


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There's no better way to explore the Maltese islands than kayaking tours. They fit both experts and beginners in the company of professional instructors. You'll discover many secret coves, caves, and bays along the northern coast accessible only by water, the orange sand beaches of Ramla Bay and San Blas, and can experience the Blue Lagoon and see the Azure Window, that was ruined by the storm.

Kayaking in Malta - Best Season 2020

You'll have the chance to visit one of the iconic watchtowers of the Knights of Saint John and explore Gozo's history with fantastic views of the coastline from the sea. It is especially unforgettable visiting Calypso's Cave where Homer's beautiful mythical nymph held Odysseus as her "love captive" for several years. And of course, you can see the amazing Ġgantija temples in Xagħra, which is even older than the Egyptian pyramids! You bring equipment for diving or snorkelling to explore reefs and rocky underwater caverns and see amazing fish species.

Best time for Kayaking in Malta 2020

The best time for kayaking at Gozo and Comino is from May until November, but even in winter calm sunny days can make for excellent conditions to go paddling.