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Kayaking in Galicia in Spain

Galicia, in the northwest corner of Spain, is a real paradise for kayaking with beautiful views and soft blue water

Kayaking in Galicia
Kayaking in Galicia

The Galician coast is unique from the rest of the Iberian peninsula. The "Rias" are fjord-like inlets that multiply the length of the coast by ten and extend 20-30 km from sea to the land. This phenomenon makes Galicia the ideal spot for any level of sea kayaking. Galicia has become a favourite destination for adventure holidays. Cliffs, rocks, lagoons and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world (such as Rodeira beach) are yours to discover. Little fish towns surrounded by hills covered by woods face directly into the sea.

If you prefer calmer waters, you also have the option to row in peace through several reservoirs found inland such as Fervenza, Eume, Belesar, and Portodemouros. Leisure activities are organized here and you can obtain the necessary equipment for various water sports.

For more extreme feelings you should opt for river kayaking. Galicia offers a few good locations suitable for this activity. The most popular are Miño and Ulla Rivers.

Generally, the best time to go kayaking in Spain is considered spring and summer. This is the season when river flows are at their maximum due to rain and thaw. However, the season may differ depending on location. For example, Miño River is said to be the best in summer and autumn, while Ulla and Deza Rivers—on the contrary in winter and spring. This means it's possible to find kayaking possibilities all year round.

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What are some good options for kayaking in Galicia?

Galicia has many fjord-like inlets called 'Rias' great for kayaking. Such spots include Rodeira beach, fish towns and various lagoons, cliffs and rocks along the coast. Reservoirs found in the inland areas likewise feature calmer environments. There is something for every skill level when kayaking in Galicia. Show more

When is the best season to go kayaking in Galicia?

The optimum time to kayak in Galicia is normally in the spring and summer when rain and thaw result in the highest river flows. Nonetheless, depending on your location, some seasons might be better to kayak. The Miño River is preferable in summer and fall, while the winter and spring months are ideal for the Ulla and Deza Rivers. Nevertheless, kayaking is possible in Galicia all year round. Show more

Where can I rent equipment for water sports in Galicia?

In Galicia, rentals for leisure activities and equipment are available throughout the area, especially near the coast and the inland reservoirs. There are multiple kayaking providers throughout Galicia, like O Muíño, Bocato, Kayak-Ventura and many others. You can easily rent inflatable kayaks, kayaks, helmets, life jackets, paddles, and wetsuits, among other equipment. Show more

What are some ideal locations for river kayaking in Galicia?

The Miño and Ulla Rivers are the most popular rivers to kayak in Galicia. Kayaking on the Miño River is ideal for the summer and autumn months. Conversely, the Ulla and Deza Rivers are ideal during the winter and spring. Other rivers, like Mandeo, Sil, Avia, Tambre, and Lérez, are also suitable for those seeking to add some fun and adventure to their lives. Show more

What leisure activities are available in Galicia besides kayaking?

Besides kayaking, Galicia has numerous leisure activities, such as surfing, hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking. There are also many historical landmarks, cultural heritage sites and fantastic cuisine, including the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, The Tower of Hercules, and the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route. Galicia's many beaches offer sunny fun with spectacular views and pristine waters for swimming and sunbathing. Show more

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