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50th State Fair 2020

An unusual state fair with plenty of local character


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When you think of a state fair, you imagine agricultural areas of the Midwest or Northwest. However, the 50th state also offers America's favourite entertainment. The 50th State Fair is held at the Aloha Stadium in Honolulu for four weekends in late May or early June to late June or July. All of the traditional attractions are there—thrills of midway rides, competition, games, fair food, and more. The Equinox is a spectacular attraction of the midway featuring rotation and controlled flips. A petting zoo and the Amazing Anastasini circus are kids' favourite.

The Anastasini Circus is run by Giovanni Anastasini, an 8th generation circus family member from Italy. A Motorcycle globe is installed in the circus where three daredevil motorcyclists ride simultaneously. The Space Wheel is a revolving pendulum with no harness or safety nets for the person walking and doing stunts.

The 50th State Fair is one of the largest entertainment events in the state. Its general admission fee is $5. However, you can get in for free if you are one of the first visitors who can ask for a free ticket in Hawaiian, just say: "I likiki kāniwala naʻu, ke ʻoluʻolu."

Another attraction of the fair is The Queen Lili'uokalani Keiki Hula Competition started in 1976 and dedicated to the Queen of Hawai'i. Hundreds of children compete in hula at the Neal Blaisdell Center Arena. It is a big event for Hawaii, televised for a global audience.

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