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Surf Cuba off the eastern and northern coast


Cuba is not a big surfing destination, however if you are confident on board, it's worth to try hitting Cuban waves from August to October. November in Cuba is marked with severe hurricanes which create some huge waves, thus is recommended for daredevils eager to challenge themselves. Keep in mind that you'll have to get a board with you as they aren't available for rent there​.

For those of you who don't have an extended experience in surfing and want to practice on smaller waves, the northern coast of the country would be a good choice. The best beaches and facilities are around provinces Las Tunas, Holguín, and Guantánamo. The best time for hitting rather small waves is from December to February. Although these months sound cold, you don't have to bring a wet suit! The water is warm all the year round.

Moreover, Cuba is a rather popular destination for the kite surfers, so you can join them and hit the waves!

Practical info

When is the optimal period for catching the waves on the eastern coast of Cuba?

Surfers can catch the best waves on the eastern coast of Cuba from August to October, while also experiencing harsh hurricanes. Surfing on the Northern coast is also an option where smaller waves are ideal for beginners. Consider going between December to February, when the water temperature is pleasant and the waves are tamer. Show more

Is it necessary to bring your own equipment when surfing in Cuba?

Bringing your own surf gear is necessary when traveling to Cuba as rental equipment is not available. Proper attire, a wetsuit, sunscreen, and surfboard are all crucial, and travelers should pack accordingly before arriving in Cuba. It is advised to avoid purchasing these items in Cuba due to inflated prices. Show more

What makes the northern coast an exceptional spot for surfing?

The northern coast of Cuba offers fantastic low-level bar waves and is popular among beginners. The beach selections in Las Tunas, Guantánamo, and Holguín Provinces provide excellent areas and amenities for surfing. Surfing during/from December to February is fitting due to the warm temperatures the coast has to offer. Additionally, admiring the pristine and magnificent scenery on this part of the island can bring joy to tourists and surfers alike. Show more

Are hurricanes a hindrance to surfing in Cuba?

Hurricanes in Cuba can be problematic from June to November each year, impacting wave conditions and height. It's advisable to avoid Cuba during this period if you plan on surfing, as the waves can be incredibly dangerous. Surfing experts can consider traveling in November. Always check the latest updates on weather reports to receive information on surfing conditions. Show more

Is kite surfing allowed in Cuba?

Kite surfing is possible in Cuba and is in demand among tourists. Visitors can use their equipment or rent it to join kite surfers on both the northern and eastern coasts. Cuba provides stunning beaches and premium wave and wind conditions, which are perfect for kite surfers. The preferable months for kite surfing are similar to those for surfing on the Eastern coast, August to October. Show more

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