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Main Surfing Season

The lengthy coastline offers a variety of excellent surfing locations


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Mexico boasts nearly 10,000 km of coastline marked with great surfing spots all way long. The Pacific coast enjoys the greatest popularity. Famous surf locations include Baja California, in particular, its southern tip; world-famous Puerto Escondido always impresses with its swells; great waves can be observed around the Oaxaca region and the beachside town San Pancho.

Surfer in Puerto Escondido, Mexico 2020
Surfer in Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Popular water sports are available year-round, but the peak season falls on April to October owing to warm temperatures and the best swells. If you're not an expert in this activity, local instructors provide excellent guidance and promise to set any novice aboard in a week. Keep in mind, June brings hurricane season to the coast, but for some talented surfers, it might be extra fun.

Main Surfing Season in Mexico - Best Season 2020

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