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Not so popular with pro surfers, Florida could nevertheless be attractive for beginners

Surfing in Florida 2020 - Best Time
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Florida's Atlantic coastline can't compete with the West coast or Hawaii as a surfing destination. Even though there are a few good quality surf spots, the swells are rather inconsistent. If you are a beginner it is a good place to learn, as there are plenty of great beaches and easy beach breaks. The sun is shining and the water stays quite warm all year round.

Surfing Satellite Beach, Florida 2020
Surfing Satellite Beach, Florida

Florida's typical surfing season runs from early August through winter and well into mid-spring. The main swell season is winter, from November to March. The swells originate from North Atlantic low pressures, generating waves up to three meters. Summer ocean, from May to July, is usually flat, with occasional swells in the early morning. Carribean cyclone season starts in August and brings some huge waves up to three meters.

Surfing in Florida - Best Season 2020