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Surfing in West Java

Great surfing spots include Pelabuhan Ratu Bay, famous for its rolling waves

Surfing in West Java

West Java which faces the Indian Ocean is well known to surfers, especially the province of Sunda, with such famous spots as Pelabuhan Ratu Bay, Bayah, Panaitan, Dili, and Tinjil.

From all these locations Pelabuhan Ratu, about 130 km from Jakarta, attracts most surfers. The best chance to see those great rolling waves is during the dry season from March to November. There is a long central beach where both surfing and swimming are available, but also there are many smaller bays and inlets to look for waves, including Sunset Beach, Cimaja Beach, Ombak Tujuh, and Karangsari Beach. Altogether, Pelabuhan Ratu Bay coastline offers 60 km for beach adventures.

The swell direction is southern, with some pretty big waves all around the bay suitable for all surfing levels There are waves here that are some of the best in Indonesia, according to many pro surfers.

Practical info

When is the ideal timeframe to visit West Java for surfing?

Surf enthusiasts should visit West Java from March to November, which marks the dry season. Visiting during this time will mean more robust and higher waves, which would suit all surfing enthusiasts - experienced or novice. Weekends and holidays can be busy, making it wise to arrive early to find a prime spot. Show more

Which are the well-known surfing sites in West Java?

Sunda is a province that offers several prominent surfing sites, including Pelabuhan Ratu Bay, Bayah, Panaitan, Dili, and Tinjil. Pelabuhan Ratu Bay is the most visited area, with approximately 60 km coastline that reveals Sunset Beach, Cimaja Beach, Ombak Tujuh, and Karangsari Beach - perfect for surfers seeking thrill and excitement. Show more

What is the average wave height at Pelabuhan Ratu Bay?

Pelabuhan Ratu Bay experiences southern swell direction, resulting in waves that can be massive and rolling. Depending on the weather conditions and location, the wave height can average up to 6-7 feet. Due to varying wave sizes, Pelabuhan Ratu Bay is ideal for surfers of all expertise levels, but first, one should check the current weather and wave conditions to remain safe. Show more

Can inexperienced surfers visit West Java for surfing?

West Java has several surfing areas suitable for all surfing levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals. For instance, Pelabuhan Ratu Bay offers waves suiting all level of surfers, while Tinjil and Dili accommodate seasoned and skilled surfers. When surfing in West Java, it is crucial always to check the weather and wave conditions and seek advice from local surfing experts to make safe and secure choices. Show more

Which are the beginner-friendly surfing spots at Pelabuhan Ratu Bay?

Pelabuhan Ratu Bay has several beginner-friendly surfing spots such as the central beach offering surfing and swimming areas. Surfing spots like Karangsari and Cimaja Beaches are the other ideal areas for beginner surfers. Local surfing schools and instructors can provide details of other best surfing spots for beginners visiting the site. Show more

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