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Surfing in England

The best place to surf in Foggy Albion is Cornwall with its extensive beaches and big waves

Best time: October–April


If you don't mind cold water, the time from autumn to spring is ideal to conquer the waves in Cornwall County. Go to the fishing town of Newquay considered one of the main centers of surfing in England. Fistral Beach serves as the venue for international surfing championships which have been arranged for two decades.

Excellent conditions for surfing (and kitesurfing) are available in Norfolk at Hunstanton Beach. The village in the western part of North Devon is a truly magical place with beautiful sandy beaches and scenic landscapes as well. Thanks to the great waves of the Celtic Sea, this area attracts surfers from all over the United Kingdom. West Wittering is a small village in the county of Sussex, which despite its small area is known for good beaches with high waves.

Generally, the surfing season runs from autumn to spring, best months being March–April and October–November.

Practical info

Where can you find great surfing conditions in England?

Surfers can find great conditions for their sport in Cornwall, which is also one of the most popular destinations for this purpose. It has extensive beaches and big waves that make for an ideal place to surf. If you want to join international surfing championships, Newquay in Cornwall is the place to be, especially at Fistral Beach. Show more

What is the ideal season for surfing in Cornwall and what is the water temperature like?

Surfing in Cornwall is at its best from October to April because the waves are generally great for the sport. During this time, the temperature can be cold, but with the right wetsuit, you can still enjoy the sport. March-April and October-November are the best months for surfing. However, the water temperature is always changing and can be between 8-16°C, so you should have an appropriate wetsuit to wear. Show more

Which county in the UK has great waves that attract surfers?

Norfolk County is a favorite spot for surfers because of its great waves which attract surfers from all over the UK. Hunstanton beach in North Norfolk is an exceptional location for surfing and kitesurfing. It has excellent waves from the Celtic sea and a flat water spot with good wind conditions ideal for kite-surfing. The beautiful scenery and sandy beaches make it a perfect place for surfers of every level. Show more

Why are the surf conditions in Norfolk ideal for surfing and kitesurfing?

Norfolk's favorable surf conditions for surfing and kitesurfing come from the great waves of the Celtic sea. Hunstanton beach in North Norfolk has flat water spots and the perfect wind conditions for kite-surfing. Another advantage of the area is the temperature of the water during the surfing season. Water temperatures vary between 11-13°C, making it possible to surf during the late summer and early autumn months without a wetsuit. Show more

When is the best time to go surfing in England and what is important to remember when surfing in certain destinations?

The best time to go surfing in England is between March - April and October - November. It's worth noting that the surfing season generally runs from autumn to spring, making the conditions ideal for surfing throughout that period. Remember that the water temperature can get cool, especially in popular destinations like Cornwall where surfers come from all over the world. You must be appropriately dressed in a wetsuit to keep warm and be safe while surfing. Show more

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