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Surfing in Argentina 2024

Having caught a wave on Mar del Plata, you'll understand why this is the surf capital of Argentina

Best time: March–November


Surfers usually catch the biggest waves in Buenos Aires Province, most spots spread between Pinamar and down to Mar del Plata. The waves in this area are rather inconsistent, and it is believed that the best ones are around Mar del Plata. The name, 'Mar del Plata' means "Silver Sea" in Spanish. During the summer the beaches are literally packed with vacationers. In addition, the waves are not as big and the water temperature is rather warm.

The best swells come during autumn and winter (from around April to June) and the Antarctic currents, offshore winds, and tolerable temperatures make the water most enjoyable and produce great swells along the entirety of the coast.

Mar del Plata beaches have waves suitable for beginners and experts. Conditions permitting, it can offer something for everyone. Mar del Plata has several beaches where you can surf. The most popular are Playa Varnesse, Playa Grande, Waikiki, and Playa Mariano. But the main surfing action is centred around the breaks of Playa Grande.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit for surfing?

The ideal time to visit for surfing Mar del Plata is during autumn or winter, typically from April to June when the water is most enjoyable due to cold waves coming from Antarctica. These waves are strongest and most consistent during this time, making it the perfect opportunity for an incredible surf experience. The great swells formed during this time create some of the most challenging and exciting waves to ride, and the crowds are less heavy compared to summertime. Show more

Where are the prime surfing locations in Buenos Aires Province?

The best surfing locations in Buenos Aires Province are from Pinamar to Mar del Plata, with Playa Varnesse, Waikiki, Playa Grande, and Playa Mariano being the most prominent beaches for surfing in Mar del Plata. Playa Grande stands as the central spot for surfing, providing consistent waves suited for novices and veterans alike. Although the wave consistency varies in other areas, there's no doubt that Argentina's coastal province is perfect for experiencing the best surfing adventure possible. Show more

What can one expect from water temperature during summers?

During summer in Mar del Plata, the water's temperature fluctuates, usually being rather warm. December to February falls in this time frame, and these months can be busy with tourists. Despite crowded conditions, people still manage to have fun, even with the waves being lesser in intensity during the summer. For those who want to avoid the rush or prefer warmer waters, it may be helpful to plan for other times of the year. Show more

Which beaches in Mar del Plata are the most well-known for surfing?

Playa Varnesse, Playa Grande, Waikiki, and Playa Mariano are the most well-known beaches for surfing in Mar del Plata. Playa Grande represents the central surfing point, where the waves are most predictable and suitable for beginners or experts. The other beaches are equally good, depending on weather conditions and timing. Although there may be variations in the surf's intensity and consistency, visiting any of these beaches will be worthwhile for any surfing enthusiast. Show more

What creates massive swells in Mar del Plata during autumn and winter?

The Antarctic currents, offshore winds, and decent weather during autumn and winter are responsible for creating massive swells for surfing in Mar del Plata. This is the perfect opportunity for surfers to enjoy the highest swells and collect memorable experience full of challenges and thrills; such conditions are perfect for experts who love nothing more than a daredevil experience. Not to mention that this season is less hectic than summer and offers cooler temperatures to enhance the experience. Show more

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