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Best time to visit Belize

Surfing and Surf Kayaking

You can ride the barrels in Belize, even if there are no big waves


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Belize has the second largest barrier reef in the world, which protects its entire coastline. Hence you can't expect waves as big as in Puerto Rico or Barbados. However, there are still a couple of surf spots here. Additionally, moderate waves are perfect for surf kayaking, which has become increasingly popular in Belize. The best season for waves in Belize is the dry season from December through March.

Long Caye is the best place to try surfing and surf kayaking in Belize since it features the only surf break along its coast, which is safe for surfers and easily accessible. The shoal is made up of old dead corals, which are not sharp and easily walkable. Right Point Break at Glover’s Reef is especially popular for wind and water sports. Slickrock Adventures provides surf equipment and guides for those who wish to experience surfing in Belize. The ocean swells, which reach 4 ft (1.2 m) tall, as well as north-east trade winds, are consistent here throughout the winter season. Surfers can expect quite a long ride most of these days.

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