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Surfing in Zarautz in Basque Country

Enjoy the longest beach in the Spanish Basque Country

Best time: September–May

Surfing in Zarautz
Surfing in Zarautz

The area around Zarautz has some of the best surfing not only in Spain, but in the whole of Europe. Zarautz is the longest beach in the Spanish Basque Сountry. It provides great landscapes and is considered heaven for water sports. If you are a surfer, don't miss this spot with multiple breaks to choose from. The drawback is that it is always crowded.

Not only does Zarautz offer a great location for professionals, it also hosts a perfect mix of waves, a lively party beach town atmosphere and loads of accommodation options set up for surfers. Many people choose a Surf Camp here with beautiful locations and the possibility to be in the water as much as possible.

Although it's possible to surf in Zarautz all year round, summer is good only for beginners, as the waves are rare and rather small. Besides, the beaches during June–August are overcrowded. Intermediate and advanced surfers will like to go surfing in Zarautz between September and May for the good swell and fewer crowds. Autumn is considered the prime season. Winter is great for professionals. Just take into account cool temperatures. In particular, January and February are the coldest months.

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What distinguishes Zarautz from other surfing locations in Spain?

Zarautz, also known as 'surfers' paradise,' offers a remarkable coastline with scenic cliffs, dunes, and turquoise water. Along with a seven-kilometer stretch of sandy beach, there are several different breaks that cater to experts and beginners. The location, surroundings, and swell direction generate numerous waves, providing surfers with the opportunity to experience different styles and levels. Zarautz boasts favorable weather conditions for water sports, making it a year-long destination for surfers. Show more

When is the best time for seasoned surfers to visit Zarautz?

Between September and May is when advanced surfers should visit Zarautz. Autumn is ideal for legendary surf sessions with fewer crowds. Winter has excellent conditions for professionals with giant waves and fast onshore winds. However, keep in mind that the coldest months are between January and February, with temperatures ranging between 9-12°C. Between June and August, the waves are small and perfect for beginners. Show more

Is Zarautz suitable for novice surfers?

Zarautz is an excellent location for those who are beginning to surf. Between June and August, novices can enter the water with small waves and less frequent significant sets, making it a relaxing and safe environment to learn in. Along with beachside cafes, surf schools, and friendly locals, the Zarautz setting is ideal for starting a surfing lesson. In addition, many surf camps offer programs and courses ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Show more

What are the winter water temperatures like in Zarautz?

In Zarautz, the water temperature during the winter months can drop significantly, reaching as low as 9-12°C, which can be difficult for some surfers. To combat the cold, it is advisable to utilize a wetsuit that is suitable for this temperature range. As the air temperature can also be cold, it is essential to wear a decent quality wetsuit. It is advised to plan appropriately for those intending to surf during the winter months in Zarautz. Show more

Do local communities in Zarautz have any ecological campaigns to conserve the environment near the surfing locations?

The Zarautz community has a deep commitment to preserving the environment around the surfing areas and has established initiatives to minimize the environmental impact. The town hall and local organizations have made preserving the surfing environment a top priority, through circular economy policies, timely waste management, conducting coastal cleaning events, and advocating for sustainable practices. One such program is the annual protection of dunes, which safeguards the natural beauty of the environment that attracts surfers from all over the world. Show more

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