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Great Week in San Sebastián 2022

Join one of the biggest festivals with fireworks and music in San Sebastian


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San Sebastián is a coastal city and municipality located in the Basque Autonomous Community that is well-known for its Great Week (Semana Grande or Aste Nagusia), which is held every mid-August during the Feast of the Assumption week.

During these days, hordes of visitors from all over the world rush into the city. You can observe colorful shows all week long: live music performances, crazy street parties jam-packed with concerts, and gastronomic events. There are also sports activities such as horse racing, a beach volleyball tournament, and "herri-kirolak" exhibitions (Basque rural sports). Many events are offered for children as well. All of this takes place in a beautiful city with beaches and spectacular landscapes.

One of the essential elements of Great Week or Semana Grande is the International Fireworks Contest, with the traditional starting point in the Alderdi Eder Gardens. Participants of the contest are arriving from all across the globe to show off their best pyrotechnical displays throughout a week. Another day, a different competitor. The winner is announced to the tune of a particular musical fireworks display on the last night of the week.

You can observe the fireworks from many places throughout the city, but the most magical spot is deemed to be right along Paseo de la Concha.

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