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Yadnya Kasada 2022

Tenggerese worshippers bring offerings to the crater of Mount Bromo volcano


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The Yadnya Kasada is the main festival of the Tenggerese people, which lasts about a month, usually in June, July or August. On the fourteenth day of the holiday, the Tenggerese people go to Mount Bromo to make offerings to Gods to thank them for the good harvest. Fruits, vegetables, flowers, rice, money, chicken and livestock are thrown into the volcano's caldera.

Tenggerese are descendants of princes of the 13th century Majapahit Kingdom, still living in the highlands of Mt. Bromo. Unlike the majority of Javanese, they worship Hindu Gods—their main God is Ida Sang Hyang Widi Wasa, along with the Trimurti gods, Siwa, Brahma and Visnu.

The origin of this ritual is a legend of a princess named Roro Anteng and her husband Joko Seger who had no children and asked gods for assistance atop Mount Bromo. The gods promised them 24 children, but the 25th must be thrown into the volcano as a sacrifice. The tradition of offerings continues until today, although human sacrifices are no longer being practised.

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