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Adam's Peak Pilgrimage in Sri Lanka

The destination for followers of different religions, Adam's Peak or Sri Pada is surrounded by legends

Best time: December–April

Adam's Peak Pilgrimage
Adam's Peak Pilgrimage
Adam's Peak Pilgrimage

The journey up the 2,243 m tall mountain takes approximately 4-5 hours, but its biodiversity offers some spectacular views to enjoy. It is a 4th highest mountain in Sri Lanka, but probably the most popular among visitors.

The summit of the mountain reminds a footprint. And according to one legend, it belonged to Buddha. However, Muslims believe that it was Adam who left it after being cast out of heaven. Most people climb the peak during the pilgrimage season, which begins with Duruthu poya day and ends on Vesak. At this time, you have best chances for nice clear weather.

It is also customary to ascent at night, since at dawn you will definitely get the most perfect views on Earth!

Practical info

When is the best time to climb Adam's Peak?

Climbing Adam's Peak is optimal between December and April due to favorable weather conditions. The skies are clear and precipitation is minimal. The nights can be chilly at higher elevations, but temperatures remain mild during the day. Climbing during monsoon season can be dangerous due to heavy rain and dangerous winds, making the trail slippery and hazardous. Show more

Where is Adam's Peak located in Sri Lanka?

Adam's Peak is located in central Sri Lanka, surrounded by the Peak Wilderness Sanctuary. At 2,243 meters tall, it stands in the Ratnapura district of Sabaragamuwa province and attracts visitors from around the world due to its spiritual significance and breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes. Show more

What is the total distance one needs to cover to climb the Adam's Peak?

Climbing Adam's Peak requires traversing between 5 and 8 km, and the distance varies depending on the trail. The traditional route is through Hatton, but alternative paths like the Ratnapura and Kuruwita trails offer unique experiences. Despite the 4-5 hour journey, the biodiversity and stunning views make it worth the effort. Show more

What is the significance of the footprints found at the summit of Adam’s Peak?

The footprint on Adam's Peak is revered by Hindu, Muslim, and Buddhist communities in Sri Lanka. The Buddhist religion believes the footprint belonged to Lord Buddha, while Christians and Muslims see it as Adam's footprint after being exiled from Eden. Regardless of the religion, the mountain is a sacred pilgrimage site that unites multiple faiths in their desire to climb and pay their respects. Show more

How long does the pilgrimage season last for Adam's Peak?

The pilgrimage season for Adam's Peak begins during Duruthu Poya day in December and continues until Vesak in May. The peak period for visitors is during this pilgrimage season, with many Sri Lankans making the journey. During this time, shops and tea houses remain open all night to accommodate visitors, and the trails are illuminated. Avoiding weekends, holidays, and full moon days is suggested to avoid crowds. Show more

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