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Taichung City Mazu International Festival 2023

This 300-kilometre pilgrimage festival lasts nine days and is famous for free food and fun activities

Taichung City Mazu International Festival
Taichung City Mazu International Festival

The Mazu Pilgrimage is one of the most important and largest folk culture events in Taiwan. Mazu the heavenly Holy Mother, has a significant influence on the marine culture of East Asia, particularly in China and Taiwan. She is seen as the patron goddess of fishermen and seafarers in the Buddhist and Taoist countries of East Asia. Her memorial day is on the 23rd of the lunar third month every year.

Taichung City is the cultural mecca of Taiwan. Each year, the Mazu International Festival attracts millions of people. Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims follow the statue of Mazu for 300 km, parading through four cities in nine days. Each pilgrim carries a flag of worship. Temples prepare local specialities for pilgrims. You'll have the opportunity to enjoy free food donated by local believers. Meeting Mazu is supposed to bring luck to local communities and pilgrims.

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