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Trinidad Carnival | Fiestas Sanjuaneras 2023

One of the brightest and most exuberant celebrations on the island

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The town of Trinidad de Cuba annually hosts a carnival that is not limited to parties and dancing. It includes a range of activities that promote local culture. With the most extravagant costumes and colorful parades, it brightens up the streets like nothing else!

Fiestas San Juaneras parties run for a few days every year around June 24th. It has originated from Spain and adorns the streets with parades that display colorful costumes, floats, games, and competitions. There are also displays of equestrian skills from the local guajiros, and a carnival queen marks the culmination of the holiday. Hundreds of people dance down the main streets to the music playing from every corner of the city. If you enjoy loud celebrations, colorful costumes, and endless fun, this event will be the one for you!

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