Best season to travel to Cuba

Cherimoya Season in Cuba 2024-2025

Visit Cuba for cherimoya harvest time to taste one of the most delicious fruit ever

Best time: November–early February

Cherimoya Season

Cherimoya is an extremely sweet and tasty tropical fruit that is widely spread in Latin America, and in Cuba in particular. There are lots of varieties across the island and cherimoya season runs from November to mid-February. The most delicious are the Booth, the Pierce and the Selma. Booth is famous for its specific papaya flavour. The Pierce has got the most tender creamy structure of all and is often considered to be the tastiest​ one. As for the last one, it is unusually red inside and smells like raspberries.

Mark Twain, a famous writer, once called cherimoya he most delicious fruit known to men. The fruit is native to Cuba, Ecuador, Colombia and Bolivia. It has to be cut open and eaten with a spoon. Some people prefer to add a little bit of lime juoce to its pulp, although cherimoya is delicious without any additions. It tastes great in smoothies, ice cream and yogurts.

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