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Caving in Bulgaria

After visiting caves in Bulgaria, you may realize that nature is the best creator

Best time: all year round (best time: May–November)

The cave
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Caves in Bulgaria have been attracting tourists with their beauty for hundreds of years. Most of them are available year-round, but it is advisable to visit them from late spring to fall.

The Devil's Throat in the Trigrad Gorge is impressive and majestic. It does not stand out as far as unique cave formations but has a huge hall and the highest underground waterfall in the Balkans. It is one of the most mystical caves in Bulgaria, around which are woven legends and secrets. If there is hell, then the entrance to it is right here, among the Rhodope Mountains.

Devetashka Cave impresses not so much with cave formations as its huge outer hall where one can feel nature's greatness. Here, nine species of bats and dozens of species of protected animals are sheltered.

Saeva Dupka cave is unique in its color: it is all green, brown, and white. This cave has terrific acoustics, like the cathedral and various exciting cave formations.

Prohodna cave, with an underground lake, whirlpools, and God's bridge, showcases the real destructive power of water. Behind the rock you will discover an incredible rock labyrinth.

Among the other popular cave hiking routes, you will find the Snejanka Cave, a pearl of the Rhodope Mountains famous for its underground halls' indescribable beauty. Ledenika is another renowned for its karsts formations and ice-cold waterfalls. This ice kingdom of exceptional beauty produces a stunning impression. Along with the above-mentioned caves, pay attention to the Yagodinska Cave. A path to it lies through the picturesque Buinovo Gorge.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit caves in Bulgaria?

Caves in Bulgaria are accessible all year, but the ideal time to visit them is from May to November when the weather is mild and perfect for exploring the underground wonders. During summer, tourists can relish the pleasant aesthetics of nature, greenery, and mild temperatures all at once, a perfect amalgamation of bliss and adventure. Show more

Where can I find the highest underground waterfall in the Balkans?

The Devil's Throat cave situated in the Trigrad Gorge is home to the highest underground waterfall in the Balkans. Although it may not have numerous exceptional cave formations, its massive hall and ethereal ambiance impress all visitors that come to see its uniqueness and grandeur from all parts of the globe. Show more

What makes Saeva Dupka cave unique?

Saeva Dupka cave in Bulgaria stands out for its exceptional aesthetic and audible appeal, with its walls having beautiful green, brown and white colors and perfect acoustic effect similar to that of a cathedral. Visitors can appreciate the impressive and different cave formations found all through the cave. It is one of the must-visit places in Bulgaria, offering extraordinary and unmatched cave beauty. Show more

When should I visit Prohodna cave to see the whirlpools and God's bridge?

Prohodna cave is best experienced during the rainy season from March to May and September to November to appreciate the force of its underground streams, whirlpools and God's bridge formation. This period represents the peak of water erosion inside the cave, which creates the stunning formations. From its setting to its natural beauty, visiting during this period allows tourists to experience Prohodna cave to its fullest and appreciate its natural wonder. Show more

Where can I find the path to Yagodinska cave?

Yagodinska Cave's entrance lies along the scenic Buinovo Gorge. Not only does it showcase excellent cave beauty, but it also offers a historical and archaeological attraction with a complex system of rock formations and ornamentation. Moreover, the path to the cave is fascinating, with several natural beauties and attractions that combine seamlessly to make it distinct and worth visiting. Show more

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