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Whale Shark Season around Utila

This interesting phenomenon of whale shark aggregation gives a chance to see a few of these huge creatures at the same time

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Utila is home to numerous giant whale sharks. Most often they are found in the deep waters near the northern tip of the island. It is one of the few places in the world where whale sharks can be observed all year round. The main season runs from the end of March to April, and from October to December. At that time whale sharks are usually solitary. However, during the annual migration, from June till September, they can be seen in small groups. This period is famous as “whale shark season."

The whale shark is the largest fish of the world's oceans. The size of its gigantic body can amaze anyone who has not previously met with this gentle giant. The whale shark has a relatively small head and huge gill slits on each side. The body is usually painted in a dark grey or brown colour, and covered with numerous spots of a white or yellowish hue, which in places are lined up like stripes. Despite the menacing look and very large size, this predator doesn't carry any danger to humans and other creatures. It feeds exclusively on small ocean creatures—plankton, crustaceans, and small schooling fish.

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