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Manta Ray

Big and beautiful manta rays are incredible to observe while diving in their underwater world

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If you are not afraid of giant fish and looking for some closer contact with them, try diving with manta rays. These are the largest of all rays. The triangular shape of the body with "wings" can reach a width of seven meters, and they can weigh up to 1,400 kg. Their lifespan is about 50 years, sometimes up to 100 years. They feed mostly on plankton so nothing to worry about.

Manta rays are extremely rare, but if you get lucky, they can be met in “cleaning stations” near the reef, where they remove small parasites from their bodies. Manta rays also like to swim near shipwrecks. Moreover, they can be seen by torchlight while feeding in the harbours at night.

These creatures are not bothered by human presence, but you should remember not to disturb them while feeding or cleaning.

Meeting these large flying ocean inhabitants will let you experience something unforgettable. You'll have more chances to meet them ​while diving in the waters of Canaria from September till November.

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