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Coffee Harvest

Find out how coffee is grown, collected, and processed


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The history of coffee in Honduras began after it was brought into the country from El Salvador. Initially, this crop did not have a significant impact on the country's economy. However, the failure of coffee in Brazil in 1975 significantly changed the situation. Since then, the production of coffee in Honduras has increased substantially. Currently, the country is the seventh largest coffee producer in the world.

All the coffee products exported from Honduras are of high quality and highly appreciated. The country cultivates Arabica. The most famous brands are the Honduran Western Coffee, the Café Marcala Appelation of Origin, the Comayagua Coffee, and Paraiso.

The coffee harvest season lasts in Honduras from October to March. During this time, many families work together with little kids who are an important part of the workforce. Today, thousands of coffee farms and specialised coffee plantations operate in the country, converting their production to the “speciality coffee” segment.

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