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Blue Mountain Coffee Harvest

How about a cup of silky smooth and well-balanced coffee?


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The first coffee seeds reached the Caribbean in 1738, and the first mention of coffee being grown in the Blue Mountains dates back to 1834.

Rising to more than 2,000 meters, the Blue Mountains are deemed to be the highest mountains in the Caribbean. Its coffee is noted for its lack of bitterness, mild flavor and has developed a reputation of the most sought-after and costly coffees in the world. Moreover, Blue Mountain Coffee is a globally shielded certification mark.

6,000 hectares of coffee, planted by solicitous farmers, is grown in the eastern part of the island. The soil is rich with excellent catchment and the climate in Blue Mountain region is cool and misty with high rainfall. This combination is considered perfect for coffee.

Ten months after the seedlings are bedded, the coffee trees can be transplanted to a plantation. From which point, it takes 3 years to produce the first coffee berries and 5 years before its full production. The harvest takes place around February/March to August.

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