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Best time to travel to Colombia

Coffee Harvest

It doesn't matter if you are a fan of coffee or you not, the coffee regions of Colombia are a must-see for everyone!


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If you are a lover of coffee, you definitely know that Colombia is one of the largest producers with 500,000-plus growers and the unique benefit of two (main and fly) harvests per year. There are lots of coffee farms which provide intresting tours like Valle De Cocora, Salento, Pereira, Jardin, Quindio, Santa Rosa de Caba, Calarca, and more. During a tour, you can see coffee plants and smell different types of coffee samples. Also, you can see how the harvest of coffee beans takes place.

Valle De Cocora tours are great and very educational, even if you aren't a coffee snob. It is famous for its views and the national Colombian wax palm tree. While exploring coffee farms, you can enjoy the beauty of nature and try traditional dishes like bandeja paisa and mazamorra. You can also go horseback riding or hiking to enjoy the surrounding flora and fauna.

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