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Best season to travel to Panama

Coffee Picking Season

The coffee grown in Panama has a magnificent taste due to the mixture of different cultures

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During the coffee season, you can see the whole process of coffee manufacturing from the beginning: from collection to serving it in the mug. You will feel its great smell and try its unforgettable taste.

At the end of the season, the fruit of the coffee tree reaches a huge size and acquires the saturated taste. This is when coffee gourmets come to Panama from all over the world to feel a pleasant atmosphere, take part in the coffee auction, and just drink good coffee.

But do not be overoptimistic, the locals won't share their secret of world-famous coffee preparation. Every year Panama's coffee plant Geisha is recognised among the coffee connoisseurs as one of the best coffee grades in the world. Geisha has inimitable honey-citrus flavour and lightly sour aftertaste.

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