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Swimming with Manta Rays

This is one of those rare places in the world where you can swim with these majestic creatures!

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What can be more spectacular than swimming with manta rays in their natural environment? Throughout six months, especially from May to October, you can swim with magnificent manta rays in Fiji. This is a really incredible experience. You can expect to see large numbers and different sizes of these creatures. In Fijian manta rays are known as Vai. Sometimes their wingspans reach more than six meters across. Their brachial slits are located on the belly and oversized pectoral fins on their heads enabling movement. They are gracious and look almost like underwater birds.

Yasawa Islands Archipelago offers excellent opportunities for swimming with manta rays. The most popular area is the Mantaray Island—the name speaks for itself. The neighbouring Dravaqa and Naviti Islands are also good.

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