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Sardine Run in South Africa

This is not a mere mass migration, but also an escape from numerous ruthless marine predators and greedy fishermen

This fish migration is called a "sardine run" by no coincidence, the trip represents in itself a race for survival. Millions of sardines spawn by the southernmost African coastline and then this huge school of fish heads up north along the south-eastern coastline of Africa to the Indian Ocean—risking to become an easy dinner for sharks, dolphins, seals, gannets, cormorants, and other marine predators along the way.

Furthermore, dozens of fishermen catch sardines with nets during migration season. Yet in spite of all the threats occurring on their way, the strongest sardines still survive. For those who want to witness this migration with their own eyes, there are safe scuba diving trips offered close to the shoreline of South Africa. The season runs from mid-May through July and might vary by a few weeks.

Some of the best diving sites include Port Edward in KwaZulu-Natal, and also Port St Johns and Port Elizabeth in Eastern Cape.

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