Best time to go to Tahiti

XTERRA Tahiti 2019

This two day triathlon competition crosses several iconic sites of Tahiti

XTERRA Tahiti in Tahiti 2019 - Best Time
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Sport, competition, and fair play are guaranteed for two days in May in Tahiti! XTERRA is a race across several iconic sites of Tahiti. The competition includes swimming (1.5 km), mountain biking (32 km), and running (10 km). In other words, it is a real triathlon. You'll have a good opportunity to test your strength and endurance. In addition, you will see some of the natural attractions of the island such as the gardens of Papeete City Hall, the lagoon and valley of Mataiea, Vaihiria Lake, the Maroto site, and Papenoo valley.

The first day of the XTerra Tahiti is a triathlon, and the second day is dedicated to the Xterra Trail and Run&Bike races. Choose your challenge and conquer Tahiti landscapes.