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XTERRA Tahiti 2024

This two day triathlon competition crosses several iconic sites of Tahiti

Dates: May 24–26, 2024 | October 12–13, 2024


XTERRA TAHITI is an incredible opportunity to participate in sports competitions that will be remembered for a lifetime and enjoy the unique landscapes of Tahiti. The organizers promise sports, competition, and fair play! Winners of the competition will also receive gifts and cash rewards. XTERRA TAHITI has been gathering sports enthusiasts since 2015.

The XTERRA competition in Haiti will consist of several stages. In May, participants will test their strength in trail running over various distances. In October, participants will compete in a triathlon. All competitions will take place in the picturesque corners of the island.

XTERRA trail Tahiti (May 24–26, 2024)

Last year, participants could conquer routes of 0,6 miles (1 km), 1,8 miles (3 km), 6,2 miles (10 km), or 13 miles (21 km). And particularly enduring individuals had the opportunity to test their strength in a marathon by covering 31 (50 km) miles! Participation is open from age 10 for the shortest distance and only for adults in long-distance running races.

XTERRA triathlon Tahiti (May 12–13, 2024)

In October, another XTERRA competition will take place - a triathlon. The competition includes swimming (1.5 km), mountain biking (32 km), and running (10 km). In other words, it is a real triathlon. You'll have a good opportunity to test your strength and endurance. In addition, you will see some of the natural attractions of the island such as the gardens of Papeete City Hall, the lagoon and valley of Mataiea, Vaihiria Lake, the Maroto site, and Papenoo valley.

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