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Arctic Circle Race 2024

One of the toughest cross-country races in the world

Dates: March 22, 2024

Arctic Circle Race
Arctic Circle Race

This 3-day 160-km cross-country race is a grim cocktail of exhausting skiing in extremely wild and mountain​ous areas and camping in the backcountry. The challenge of the race is not only the skiing itself but also spending the night in tents and sleeping bags, preparing your food, and handling your equipment—all in severe weather conditions. . The Race is based in Sisimiut,

The organizers were aiming to create the world’s toughest race on skis, and the first Arctic Circle Race didn't dissapoint its backers in 1998. The Race is tough enough to draw skiers of differet levels of skill and experience from around more than twenty countries annually. It has become an important cultural and athletic event in Sisimiut, where hundreds of locals volunteer welcome guests. For over a week, people of Greenland's second largest city do their best to make sure the race logistics run smoothly. An afterparty is held to honour everyone’s hard work, both on and off the ski runs.

Over the years, skiers from Nordic countries, Germany, Great Britain, Canada, Spain, USA, Switzerland, and France have taken part in this race. ACR has attracted many former Olympic winners and legends, like the eight-times gold champion from Norway, Bjørn Dæhlie, and German Sven Fischer, who has four Olympic medals. In 2016, the Danish Crown Prince, His Royal Highness Frederik, participated in the race among many others. Indeed the Arctic Circle Race has something special for every participant!

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