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Antarctic Ice Marathon 2023

A great challenge for adventure runners and ultramarathoners—the world’s southernmost marathon

Dates: December 13, 2023

Antarctic Ice Marathon is the annual race that takes place at the foot of the Ellsworth Mountains and a few hundred miles from the South Pole, which makes it the world’s southernmost marathon. This race is a great opportunity to test your stamina in Antarctic conditions, running on snow and ice with a temperature of -20 C° (-4 °F), at an altitude of 700 m. Runners can choose between a classic 42-km marathon or half marathon. The 100-km ultramarathon race has also been held at the South Pole.

The three-day trip starts for the runners on the board of a private jet in Punta Arenas, Chile that takes them to the Union Glacier camp in the interior of the Antarctic. Participants are provided with snowmobile support, aid stations, and medical aid throughout the entire race. Unfortunately, there will be no cheering crowds in this remote location—even penguins don't live this far south.

The Antarctic Ice Marathon was founded by Richard Donovan and Polar Running Adventures so that the marathon runners to complete a race on each of seven continents. The cost of registration is about $18,000. The price includes entry to the race of choice, food and accommodation, round-trip flight from Punta Arenas to Union Glacier camp, professional photos of each competitor in action, runners kit (medals, t-shirts, and patches), and all the necessary support along the race course.

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