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Snowmobiling in Finland

Have fun and get where you are going fast! Driving a snowmobile can take you on an unforgettable snow adventure

Best time: December–mid-April


One of the most comfortable ways to explore the Finland's vast snowy landscape is by snowmobile. This is a fast way to get to any place you need and also enjoy the outdoors.

You can go for a forest adventure, wildlife watching, visit Santa, or check out the Northern Lights. You can take a tour or rent a snowmobile and plan your own adventure. All you need is a driver's license and some basic lessons. Do be careful with the speed and choose a suitable trip.

Finland has lots of varied terrain to offer for your trip. Parks, forests, hills, and kilometres of beautiful untouched nature all await you. During spring you can enjoy your snow rides even more due to the long lasting sunshine, clear skies, and glimmering snow. The season for this kind of activity usually starts on the 1st of December and lasts till the 15th of April.

Practical info

When is the best time to go snowmobiling in Finland?

Finland's snowmobiling season runs between December and mid-April, providing clear skies and glittering snow. With the winter season being harsh and experiencing up to 20 hours of darkness in certain regions, visitors seeking adventure and exploration should plan their trip accordingly. The picturesque settings of Finland's untouched nature will enthrall you. Prepare well for the trip as temperatures drop extremely low and enjoy the ride. Show more

Where in Finland can you go snowmobiling?

Finland's snowmobiling locations in Lapland and Rovaniemi offer adventure seekers rugged, snow-covered wildernesses. Spectacular views of the Northern Lights and winter sports are signature attractions in Rovaniemi. Tourists can equally explore a variety of snowmobile destinations such as Inari, Ylläs, and Levi. Snowmobile rental facilities in several locations throughout the country enable visitors to customize their own routes. Show more

What type of terrain can you expect to ride on during a snowmobile trip in Finland?

Trails featuring winding routes through large forests such as Pallas-Yllästunturi and Urho Kekkonen or rougher terrains in Salla Wilderness Park provide an assortment of options for snowmobiling enthusiasts wanting to explore Finland's incredible landscapes. Scenic mountain plateaus, hills, and natural forests await tourists seeking adventure and exploration. It's no wonder that snowmobiling is such a popular way of exploring Finland's astounding beauty. Show more

Are guided tours available for snowmobiling in Finland, or can you rent your own snowmobile?

Both guided tours and snowmobile rentals are available in Finland, providing options for interested snowmobilers of all skill levels. Guided tours can be a fantastic way of discovering Finnish culture and the most scenic areas if you are a beginner. Professional guides can lead riders to great spots to observe the Northern Lights. Snowmobile rentals offer more flexibility to explore Finland's natural beauty at your own pace and in your preferred direction. Show more

What precautions should you take while snowmobiling in Finland?

It's crucial to dress appropriately for the weather and to wear a helmet while snowmobiling in Finland to ensure safe and comfortable trips. Basic knowledge of snowmobiles before beginning the ride and careful driving can prevent accidents. It's important not to drive off designated trails, which may destroy the fragile environment, and to respect local wildlife and protected reserves. Always prioritize safety while enjoying a snowmobiling experience in Finland. Show more

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