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Hiking the Dragon's Back in Hong Kong

Hike the Dragon's Back in Hong Kong

Best time: March–October

Hiking the Dragon's Back
Hiking the Dragon's Back
Hiking the Dragon's Back
Hiking the Dragon's Back

The Dragon's Back is one of the most popular of Hong Kong's hikes. A lovely cool path leads through lush bamboo woodland and showcases some amazing scenery of the harbour and the islands. One can actually hike up and down the Dragon’s Back in 90 minutes.

The beginner-friendly hike makes an excellent alternative for those who wish to admire Hong Kong’s scenery without the crowds. It is advisable to hike during the warm and dry months in between March and October to avoid heavy rains and fully enjoy the views.

Practical info

What makes the Dragon's Back an ideal hiking trail for beginners?

The trail known as Dragon's Back is great for beginners since it's not hard to navigate. Its terrain is an undulating one therefore apt for individuals who have different levels of fitness. Besides, the steeper areas of the trail have handrails and steps. It has various vantage points where you can stop to enjoy panoramic views, making it an ideal hiking trail for beginners. Show more

Where in Hong Kong is the Dragon's Back located?

The trail known as Dragon's Back is located on the eastern part of Hong Kong Island. It's easily reachable through public transport, and it begins at Shek O Peak and goes to Big Wave Bay or Tai Long Wan Village, which are short rides from Central. You can access the locations using public buses, taxis, or the MTR Island Line to Shau Kei Wan Station followed by a taxi or bus. Show more

When is the best time to hike the Dragon's Back?

Between March and October (peak hiking season) is the most favorable period to hike the trail known as Dragon's Back. The warm and dry season is ideal since the terrain is less slippery, and the clear skies offer beautiful views. The trail also offers optimal conditions with suitable temperatures and low humidity. Avoid the rainy season as it can make the trail muddy and unsafe. Show more

How long does it take to hike up and down the Dragon's Back?

Hiking up and down the Dragon's Back is a journey that takes approximately 90 minutes, with 30 additional minutes required for starting and finishing. The hike covers approximately 5.5 kilometers and has both strenuous and steep parts. However, the terrain is relatively easy to maneuver, and the path upkeep is impressive. The fantastic views, open ridgeline, and a moderate mental and dominant visual challenge make the trail worth it. Show more

What other landmarks or attractions can you see from the hiking trail?

The trail known as Dragon's Back offers hikers breathtaking views of Hong Kong Island alongside an outstanding seascape. Hikers can see numerous iconic landmarks, including the picturesque Big Wave Bay Beach and the beautiful Shek O Country Park. The South China Sea and Victoria Harbour are some other notable sights that can be observed. Hiking during spring and summer is excellent since hikers can enjoy the scent of wildflowers, bamboo, and towering banyan trees. Show more

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