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Mangalica Festival 2023

Hungarian pigs are fed only with pasture plants, potatoes, and pumpkins in order to enhance the flavour of their meat


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Every cuisine has some ingredients that are crucial. As for Hungarian cooking, it's impossible to imagine it without meat, and pork in particular. Moreover, if we dig in deeper, we will find out that there is a unique breed of pigs that is endemic to Hungary and that has been renowned for its quality in recent times. Mangalica is a race of pigs that looks like a sheep with its curly fur. Its meat is much softer and juicier than that of an average pig. Cutlets made of mangalica are called "Kobe pork," comparing them with the top-caliber Kobe beef. Delicacies from Mangalica can be found in many places in Hungary, but the biggest number is available in February dur​ing the Mangalica Festival in Budapest. The most common delicacy at the festival is paprika-flavored sausages, but save some room for smoked ham or fresh chops as well.

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