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Knödelfest 2023

Try out the best tastes among the variety of dumplings at Knödel Festival


The Knödel is a traditional Austrian dumpling. It has a long history and a large variety. The fillings are also very different. They come in both the sweet and savoury. During the Festival of Knödel in Tyrol, you'll be able to taste up to 30 kinds, prepared by local cooks. Traditional knödel are made with liver, bacon, ham, spinach, or cheese. Exotic ones are sometimes made with grilled pineapple or mushrooms. In sweet knödel, a common ingredient is a quark, which is a special type of cheese. The fruit filling is also popular with a sprinkling of powdered sugar and crisp breadcrumbs. Marillenknödel and zwetschkenknödel, which are made from apricot and plums respectively, are especially popular in Austria. Try them all!

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