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Diving in Athens

Explore ancient submerged treasures while diving in Greece

Best time: May–June | September


Until recently strict Greek laws limited diving, providing legal access to only 1% of Greece's potential diving spots. This way local governments tried to protect submerged​ historical sites like ruins and shipwrecks. However, nowadays more and more new diving spots are becoming available to the public.

Regarding marine life, the Mediterranean is often said to have scanty fauna, though still, divers verify the abundance of tuna, barracuda, octopus, cuttlefish, squid, oysters, mussels, and other fish and shellfish. Diving hotspots in Athens are located on the southern coastline around Voulga, Eni, Sounio, and also in Kineta, Neraki​, and along the other shores of Attica. The best season​ to dive or snorkel is May, June, and September.​

Practical info

Where are the best diving spots in Athens?

Athens's best diving spots are spread out along the coastline in Voulga and Eni, along with Sounio, Kineta, and Neraki. The crystal-clear waters and marine life are what make diving here spectacular. Several popular offshore shipwrecks have become the home for a variety of fish species. Divers can have a great experience exploring these submerged treasures. Show more

When is the best season to dive in Athens?

Divers should plan to go to Athens from May to June and September to explore the ancient submerged treasures. These are the ideal months to delve into the warm waters. It is not recommended to dive during the winter months as the water will be colder. Some of the locations close due to prohibited weather conditions. Show more

What kind of marine life can be seen while diving in Athens?

The waters around Athens thrive with an abundance of marine life like tuna, barracuda, octopus, cuttlefish, squid, oysters, mussels, and many fish and shellfish species. The areas around Athens also have vibrant corals, colorful sponges, and jellyfish, which attract divers all year round. It is rare to spot a seal or a dolphin, but it is not impossible. Show more

Where are the historical submerged sites located in Athens?

The Greek government has taken steps to ensure that the ancient ruins and shipwrecks of Athens are protected. Some of these historical submerged sites are freely accessible with a permit. There are several historical sites in Athens, including the Underwater Museum of Marathon, which is an hour's drive from Athens. Athens has sunk ships that date back centuries, along with modern-era ships, along the southern coast. Show more

What are some lesser-known diving spots in Athens?

The Cape Sounio region in the southern part of Attica contains several lesser-known diving spots. There are numerous hidden diving attractions like sea caves and intricate rock formations in this area that divers love to explore. In addition, Kineta has many interesting sites and submerged shipwrecks worth discovering. You can access the virgin beaches along the coastline north of Kineta by boat. Show more

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