The Best Places in the World to See Scenic Blooming

Flowers have long been idolized as objects of beauty, framing the festive atmosphere worldwide. Enjoying flowers and inhaling their scents help us feel the true power of nature! You can enjoy flowers at any time, but you’ll need to travel quite a bit to chase the fleeting beauty of the blooms. Make sure you bring your binoculars and cameras, for you must not forget about the sights featured below.

March–May. Cherry blossoms and beyond.

Nothing says spring better than thousands of blooms scattered over lush green valleys or forests. We can tolerate months of cold weather and snow just to witness the amazing miracle of awakening fruit trees. Plum trees or ume, as they are called in Japan, are among the first to bloom. In March, scenic almond trees’ blooms can be viewed in Corsica, Spain, and Portugal. Sakura’s blossom is especially admired in Japan. But you can also witness amazingly-colossal cherry tree blooms in Taiwan or Washington, D.C. If you like wildflowers, then you can enjoy some gentle bluebonnets in Texas. And in late spring, you can walk through the majestic Wisteria tunnels in Japan or Rome and admire purple jacaranda in Madeira and Hawaii.

June–August. Wildflowers will steal your heart!

Summer brings more colorful blooms everywhere. Hot pink bougainvillea is an eye candy in the Mediterranean and California. Poppies color the fields in scarlet from England to South Korea. Blooming sunflowers salute to the sun in Provence, Tuscany, and Japan. Timid wildflowers of the north take advantage of sunny days in Alaska, Denmark, Greenland, and Norway. Also, don’t miss the blooming season of majestic hydrangea. Finally, you don’t have to be in French Riviera or Provence to smell the fragrant lavender. It also blooms in Hungary, Croatia, Texas, and Japan.

September–November. Spring in the Southern Hemisphere.

Even when summer is over, you can still admire amazingly-massive blooms. Roses are incredible in Sweden. Lotus is still blooming in Cambodia and Taiwan. Take a romantic walk through the heather fields of Scotland or move to the southern hemisphere and welcome the spring in New Zealand, where hundreds of wildflowers start to bloom. Visit the Atacama Desert in Chile to admire the endemic flowers of South America. If you want to see one of the most unusual blooms in the world, head to Panjin blooming beach in China.

December–February. Southeast Asia, California, or Tasmania?

Winter might be cold and grey, but there are plenty of places to gawk at the flowers even at this time. Trees are in full bloom in Mauritius. Peach trees are making Vietnam especially scenic, while in nearby Laos, you can spot some poppy flowers that are used to make medicine and opium. Of course, you have the best chances to witness the blossoms in the southern hemisphere. Did you know Tasmania has vast lavender fields? In California, spring starts in February, so you can witness some spectacular desert blooms and wild red poppies in the Los Angeles area.