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Poppy Fields in South Korea

A meadow of red wildflowers set amidst the mountains is the perfect place for your mind and soul to relax

Best time: June

Poppy Fields
Poppy Fields
Poppy Fields

If you happen to travel to South Korea in June, you'll have unique and short-lasting opportunity to walk across poppy fields. In fact, there are not so many places in Korea where one can enjoy these wildflowers.

Gorgeous poppy fields can be visited at Sangdong Lake Park in Bucheon. Patches of the bright red canvas are spread over Gwangyang-eup in Jeollanamdo. Also, don't miss Simhak Mountain in Paju. The area is famous for annual Poppy Festival held during the short period in June when thousands of poppies paint the landscapes with red dots.

Practical info

When can you see the beautiful red wildflowers across the mountainsides in South Korea?

June is the ideal time to witness the magnificent scenery of the red wildflowers spread across the mountainsides in South Korea. It is the only time when the thousands of poppies bloom, painting the country's landscapes in a sea of red. This spectacular phenomenon lasts for a very brief period of time. Show more

Which are some of the locations in South Korea where the poppy fields are famous?

South Korea has various locations that are famous for their poppy fields. Bucheon's Sangdong Lake Park, Gwangyang-eup in Jeollanamdo, and Simhak Mountain in Paju are some examples. The fields are exceptionally beautiful and offer colorful surroundings that invite you to take a walk and enjoy the natural beauty that they offer. Show more

How long does the poppy season usually last in South Korea?

In South Korea, the poppy season is a brief affair that usually lasts only for a few weeks in June. The flowers bloom simultaneously across the mountainsides, creating a visually stunning canvas across the landscapes. To witness this natural beauty, it is essential to plan a visit during the first few weeks of June while the flowers are still in bloom. Show more

Besides red poppies, what other wildflowers can be found amidst the South Korean poppy fields?

Apart from the red poppies that are found abundantly in South Korea's poppy fields, other wildflowers of various colors can be discovered. Echium amoenum, Sea Lavender, and Yama-giku are some examples of purple, blue, and pink-colored wildflowers that grow in clusters amidst the poppies. Their presence adds to the beauty of the fields and creates a striking contrast. Show more

Is there any specific occasion during the poppy season in South Korea that warrants a visit?

The annual Poppy Festival held in Simhak Mountain, Paju, during the poppy season in June is an event worth attending. The festival offers the perfect chance to witness the beauty of the thousands of red poppies, participate in various activities, and sample the local cuisine. This celebration of nature's beauty is an ideal way to experience South Korea's rich culture. Show more

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