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Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital in South Korea 2024-2025

Psychiatric hospitals are creepy in general and abandoned ones twice as creepy, and when they also have a reputation of being haunted—that's even worse!

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Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital
Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital
Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital
Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital
Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital

Abandoned Gonjiam Psychiatric hospital is known for its scary tales throughout Korea and abroad. Mind that the building isn't haunted by the ghosts of just some normal sound people, but rather the insane... CNN has claimed it one of the world's freakiest places, which obviously proves its reputation.

Although people say that mental hospital was closed in the 1990s due to murderous patients, and mad doctors, the truth is less sensational. In fact, it happened because of economic downturns that resulted in unsanitary conditions, and problems with sewage. The owner chose to simply escape, and the fate of the patients isn't absolutely clear.

Even though there most likely are no ghosts, the place is freaky with its rusted out machines and other hospital remnants, filthy matresses, and trash scattered all around. And if it's haunted with anybody, then it's only curious tourists that continue to visit abandoned asylum.

The fact that it's closed for public visits and its unsanitary conditions don't stop them. Locals don't express any willingness in giving directions to wandering adventurers, yet this also doesn't help. On the contrary, the challenge of finding the destination on your own makes it a more thrilling adventure. The Hospital is located in the surroundings of the small city of Gwangju.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital for the ultimate scary experience?

Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital is a prime location for horror enthusiasts who crave authentic and eerie settings. Although it is not accessible to the public, exploring it on a dark and foggy night could give you the ultimate scary experience. However, it is crucial to prioritize safety and plan the visit during the day. There is no specific best time to visit the hospital, but the creepy reputation and spooky history will still resonate with visitors at any time. Show more

Where exactly is Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital located and how can I get there?

Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital is located in the surroundings of South Korea's Gwangju city. It is situated in a valley near the Gonjiam Correctional Facility. Although the locals may be uncooperative, visitors can use the public transport system by taking a bus or train from Seoul or Incheon International Airport to Icheon or Hwaseong. From there, taxi services or a navigation app can guide you to the destination. The approximate cost of a taxi ride can be around 50,000 won. Show more

What are some safety precautions I should keep in mind before exploring the abandoned hospital?

Exploring abandoned places, including Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital, involves risks and requires a vigilant approach. Due to the lack of official support or supervision, the visit can be hazardous. It is prudent to avoid going alone and carry adequate lighting equipment, protective gear, and a first aid kit. Explorers must steer clear of deteriorated structures and avoid climbing walls and roofs. As the visit can be unpredictable, informing family or friends and refraining from going late may be beneficial. Show more

Are there any other haunted or abandoned places near Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital that I can explore?

Apart from Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital, there are multiple other eerie sites in South Korea that travelers can visit. The Manshik Palace in Suwon is a historical structure renowned for experiencing paranormal events while Gyeongju's abandoned amusement park offers a haunting experience for enthusiasts. Other chilling places include Yeongdeok House, Jeju Haunted House, and Oryukdo Islands. These destinations present a unique opportunity to explore and experience the distinct thrill of each abandoned location. Show more

Can I capture photos and videos inside Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital and share them on social media?

Despite the aesthetics, Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital's conditions pose a severe threat, making it unwise to capture videos or images inside the site. With the building's old age and unsanitary conditions, it is highly probable for rooms and corridors to collapse, posing a physical risk to visitors. Photographing in a location where many people experienced suffering and pain could be seen as disrespectful to them and their families even when revisiting the site adds to its mystique. Thus, the visit itself can be an opportunity to absorb the atmosphere and appreciate the experience. Show more

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