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Bhangarh Fort in India 2024-2025

Visit the abandoned town which acquired a reputation as the most haunted place in India

Best time: October–February

Bhangarh Fort
Bhangarh Fort
Bhangarh Fort
Bhangarh Fort

The mysterious 17th-century Bhangarh Fort is located in the Rajasthan state, between the Sariska Reserve and the Aravali range in Alwar region. It has peculiar architecture, and the buildings are well preserved. The ruins of the King’s palace is on the hill with a natural stream falling into a pond within the palace. However, this place isn't famous for its beautiful views.

People believe that the fort was cursed by black magic and that ghosts live in the palace. There are quite a few horror stories about the fort that are told by locals. These beliefs were so powerful that all of the residents of Bhangarh Fort abandoned it and set up a new town nearby. No one is allowed to remain in the fort at night according to the notice put up by the Archaeological Survey of India. Locals say that whoever stays in the fort during the night will never return. That's why the entrance to the fort is forbidden from sunset till sunrise. Because of such mystic reputation, the fort is frequently visited by tourists who come to look on its temples, palaces, and havelis.

Summers in this area can be really hot with temperatures reaching 50 °C. The monsoon season lasts from July through September. Therefore, the cooler season from October through February is the best time to visit the area.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Bhangarh Fort?

It is recommended to visit Bhangarh Fort during the cooler season, which runs from October until February. The summer months can be swelteringly hot, with temperatures reaching as high as 50°C, while monsoons occur from July until September. Hence, the ideal time to explore the fort and its surroundings comfortably is from October to February. Show more

Why is Bhangarh Fort known as the most haunted place in India?

Bhangarh Fort's reputation for being the most haunted place in India comes from the legend of a cursed princess. According to folklore, the fort's residents met with a terrible fate due to the curse of a tantrik, which is said to linger on in the present day. It is considered illegal to enter the area after sunset, and locals discourage visitors from doing so. The legend claims that no one who stays inside the fort after nightfall will ever return. Show more

What are the peculiar architectural features of Bhangarh Fort?

Bhangarh Fort boasts unique architectural features that reflect medieval Indian architecture. The fort contains well-preserved palaces, havelis, and temples. The King's palace ruins sit on a hill surrounded by a natural stream. A pond within the palace adds to the fort's splendor. The fort's buildings reflect the finesse of medieval Indian architecture and hold substantial historical value. Show more

Why did the residents of Bhangarh Fort abandon it and set up a new town nearby?

The legendary curse and mysterious incidents inside Bhangarh Fort forced its residents to abandon it. The tantrik' curse is said to have caused the devastating event resulting in the residents' demise. The fear of the curse led to a mass evacuation, leading the surviving residents to set up a new town called Bhangarh. The new town served as a place of refuge for the residents, far removed from the cursed fort. Show more

What are some ghost stories associated with Bhangarh Fort?

Bhangarh Fort is notorious for its plethora of ghost stories. The princess's black magic curse leading to her tragic death is the most popular legend associated with the fort. Locals mention hearing strange noises, whispers, or seeing apparitions within its walls regularly. The legend has contributed to the fort's spooky reputation, attracting curious visitors from around the world to witness its supernatural infamy. Show more

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