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Lower Bay Station in Toronto

This bricked over, abandoned subway station can still be reached via a secret gateway

Lower Bay Station
Lower Bay Station

The Lower Bay station was originally meant to divert trains from the nortbound to eastbound in Toronto's subway. However, the station was used for only half a year in 1966, and soon closed. The entrance was bricked, and the station has remained abandoned for half a century. People love mystery, and deserted areas have always provided some special intrigue for adventurous souls. The station has been repeatedly chosen as a setting for some film episodes, and occasionally opened to the public on special occasions like the Nuit Blanche Festival.

How do people get in, if the station was bricked over? In fact, there's a secret gateway through unmarked fire doors. Anyone feeling an urge to explore can check it out during Doors Open Toronto weekend in late May.

Practical info

What is Lower Bay Station and what happened to it?

Lower Bay Station is an abandoned subway station in Toronto. Intended to direct trains from the northbound to the eastbound line, it was only open for six months in 1966 before being closed and abandoned for being non-essential and too costly. Despite this, it has become a popular filming location and place of interest for adventurous people. Show more

When did the station close and why was it abandoned?

The station closed just six months after it opened due to its close proximity to other stations and its high construction cost which ultimately led to its abandonment. Show more

How can visitors access Lower Bay Station?

While the original entrance to the station was closed, visitors can still gain access through unmarked fire doors, although it is illegal and dangerous to do so. Special events like Doors Open Toronto weekend provide a legal opportunity to visit the station. Show more

Where is the secret gateway located, and is it easy to find?

The location of the secret gateway is kept undisclosed and not easy to find. Those wishing to enter the station should avoid doing so alone, exercise caution, and follow official guidance to ensure their safety and compliance with regulations banning station exploration. Show more

When is the best time to visit Lower Bay Station, and what other events are held here besides the Doors Open Toronto weekend?

Doors Open Toronto weekend is the ideal time for people wishing to visit Lower Bay Station legally. Occasionally, other events like photography tours, ghost tours, and charity events are also held there. Visitors are advised to prioritize safety by following official guidelines and regulations when exploring the station. Show more

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