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Fresh Maple Syrup

This iconic Canadian topping is made of maple sap collected from tree trunks—what a generous gift from nature!


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Canada's numerous maple woods provide not only oxygen and shade in hot summer days, but also precious sap which is collected and then made into delicious maple syrup, traditionally topped over a heap of pancakes. Other specialties made of maple sap include butter, taffy, and sugar. The precious liquid appears inside tree trunks already in early spring. Later on, the spring sun forces its flow back down the trunk. Gatherers tap the trees, and maple sap drops into buckets.

Maple harvest season starts in early March and continues until late April, but the sap is collected within a shorter period of about 20 days. The season features a range of festivals celebrating fresh syrup. Toronto, in particular, hosts the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival, the Elmvale Maple Syrup Festival, the Bronte Creek Maple Syrup Festival, and Maple in the County. Find the actual dates on the events' official Facebook pages, listed in the External Resources below.