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Rabas Fritas (Aros de Calamar)

Try this amazing and delicious snack that is ready in a few minutes!


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Squid is a typical ocean resident local to the waters of Argentina. The squid fishing season in the country starts from February 1st. From this time a "boom" of the popularity of this mollusc begins among local restaurateurs. There are several interesting dishes from squid in Argentine cuisine, sometimes borrowed from Spain and Italy. But the most delicious is crispy fried squid rings or rabas fritas. It's very easy to prepare this dish. You have to cut squid rings and prepare a batter of eggs, flour, and Argentinean wine. In the batter, squid rings are dipped and then fried. Rabas fries are served with half a lemon or garlic sauce, warm, but not hot or cold.

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