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Sheep's insides are sewn into its stomach, boiled, and served with "tatties and neeps" and a glass of Scotch Whisley for Burns Supper

Best time: July–January | January 25


This traditional Scottish dish is a mixture of boiled and minced sheep's innards including liver, lungs, heart, and stomach mixed with oatmeal, onion, suet, stock, salt, and pepper and sewn up into the sheep's stomach. Full of innards, the stomach, is then also boiled for a few hours. The dish might not look quite appealing, but the taste is worth sampling it.

Besides the lamb season running from July to January, the best occasion to eat famed Haggis falls on the 25th of January—Robert Burn's birthday. The poet himself appreciated the Scottish specialty to such an extent that he even devoted one of his poems to it.

Haggis is traditionally accompanied with "tatties and neeps" which are in fact potatoes and turnips. Everything is best washed down with Scotch Whiskey.

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