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Check out Filipino desserts, starting with a special rice cake called suman

Best time: all year round

Being cooked with coconut milk, suman is a sticky rice cake that may surprise you with its tender taste. Usually, it is served in the bamboo leaves named bagakay, in banana leaves, or the leaves of the corypha palm. This dish is believed to be a symbol of prosperity. It's also one of the most popular snacks in the Philippines, normally present on the Christmas table, and other festivals and special occasions.

The residents of Aurora Province give credit to the dessert at some of the local festivals. Every February, people of Baler conduct a ritual to commemorate Saint Isidore, the patron saint of farmers. They tie their rice cakes to a piece of bamboo and throw them from the windows while the image of the saint passes by. They combine Suman Festival with Aurora Day—that's an ideal way to honour the Lady Aurora Quezon while feasting on favourite local delicacy.

The Antipolo Maytime Festival is another occasion to try a variety of sweet rice cakes. During the whole month of May, locals celebrate their typical production. One of the special events in Antipolo is the contest of the biggest suman. As a rule, the festivities include a home decoration competition, float parades, trade fairs, and, of course, tasting of the main delicacy of the province.

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