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Christmas Desserts: Multekrem, Riskrem, Marzipan Christmas Pig

Soft and creamy vanilla-flavored puddings topped with fruit preserves that melt in your mouth. These desserts are a must try during the holidays

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Multekrem is a traditional sweet element to the otherwise savory Christmas dinner. This delicate dessert is made of whipped cream with vanilla and cloudberry toppings and is served with the so called krumkakes, present at every family gathering or holiday occasion in Norway. Exotic cloudberries taste like a mix between raspberries and red currants. They are harvested in summer time and stored frozen until Christmas. Just like raspberries that are used for Riskrem, a sweet and tender Norwegian version of a rise pudding. Rice porridge must be well-cooked until completely soft, properly sweet, and instead of cinnamon the cream is flavored with vanilla. Another version of rice pudding with almonds is called the Marzipan pig. Tradition dictates that whoever finds the hidden almond nut in their portion of pudding is going to get lucky in the following year and is rewarded with a marzipan pig.The delicacy is often dyed or coated in chocolate or jelly. You can try all these delicious puddings during the holidays season from November to early January.

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