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Christmas Cake

Sweet fruits with a bit of brandy under delicious frosting and a cute marzipan decoration—all in one in the Christmas Cake


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Christmas in Cyprus is a family holiday, which means it is usually celebrated in a narrow circle among families. One of the key meals on the table is Christmas cake. It was brought here by British in the 19th century, but it actually tastes very different from the original due to local ingredients.

Christmas cake is usually prepared beforehand as some layers require several days to reach the proper condition. The fruits for the dough should be preserved in syrup, the dough has to soak in a few spoons of brandy for a few days, and the marzipan decorations need skilful hands to look good on top of the cake.

If you manage to visit a Cypriot family on Christmas, this cake will be the the first thing served to you.

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