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Christmas Bejgli

Poppy-seeds and walnuts are baked into specialty pastries for Christmas Eve


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Bejgli, or Christmas rolls, or Poppy ​seed rolls, or Walnut rolls, are the most common sweets in Hungary during Christmas time. In December they can be found in every bakery, but undoubtedly bakery made Bejgli don't compare to homemade. This delicacy originated in Bratislava, but as it has been a traditional food in Hungary for a long time, there are as many recipes as there are families. Still, the most popular variety is when the dough is rolled with poppy seeds or walnuts, and the more filling, the better. Bejgli is cooked in many countries, b​ut what is very special about the Hungarian recipe is that apricot jam, the most popular jam in Hungary, is sometimes used as the filling instead of sugar.

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