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Herring Night or Śledzik 2020

Take part in one of the strange and tasty Polish Carnival traditions and try a piece of pickled herring

Herring Night or Śledzik in Krakow 2019 - Best Time
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On the last day before the Lent, which is also the last day of the winter holidays, people of Krakow do their best in preparing for the long abstinence from alcohol, savoury food, fat meat, and sweets. That’s why they try to make this day extraordinarily rich in various dishes.

On so-called Herring Night, this fish appears on almost every table. Tourists really enjoy the traditional shot of vodka with a slice of herring, available in most of Krakow’s pubs. That’s something really worth trying, even if you are a not big fan of strong alcoholic drinks.